A bit of a shock
WOW! I was searching Google for information on California pepper trees, because I have been trying to propagate some seeds and nothing has worked so far. I went into images and clicked on the photo in the top right corner - and got my own blog from May last year! How about that!

The reason I'm trying to grow the seeds is to make a bonsai, but it seems my best option is either to find a baby growing wild or take a cutting, so if you see me out on the rough ground looking furtive you will know what I'm up to.

I also wanted to identify this plant that is looking at its magnificent best right now on a roundabout at Parque la Reina.
The Christmas decorations have gone and this appears - great, isn't it?
I have looked up 'succulents' but can't find out what it is, so if anyone can tell me I would be grateful.
It bears some resemblance to a house-leek, but it's around fifteen feet tall, and the flower spike gets so heavy that it bends over and will eventually touch the ground.

As far as I know it's not a variety of Tajinaste. These flowers, for which Tenerife is famous, only grow at certain altitudes, and they have tall spikes of pink flowers that don't bend.

People go on hikes just to look at them - I wish my hips were up to the challenge.


  1. It is a Swan's Neck Agave (Agave attenuata). Here's the Wikipedia entry about it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agave_attenuata

  2. Thanks steve - and welcome to my blog.

  3. That's one weird looking plant but I see you've got the answer to your question. I love it if I'm searching on Google for something and my own blog comes up as an option. I feel as if I've 'made it' in some small way.


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