As this is my first post of 2013 I thought I should attempt to make it a serious one.
A couple of years ago the Cabildo finally decided to improve the road that runs through Parque de la Reina, which involved straightening its serpentine course and levelling the humps, but there was a snag - some old houses were in the way.
The occupants were offered apartments which they quite understandably refused, and after some years and a lot of wrangling, the road near our block was completed with a massive hump in the middle and the houses stayed. This makes crossing to the Supermarket like dicing with death, but what is life without risk?
Anyway, today I approached this hump behind a cyclist who had to stand on his pedals to get over it, and I was so entranced by his bum that I didn't mind waiting. In the rear of his white shorts was a black padded patch - in the shape of a heart.! ...Bless.
I couldn't take a photo for obvious reasons, so the above picture is a free stock image which I found after Googling 'Men in cycle shorts' Would you believe there are twelve pages of photos? I am no doubt now on a list of internet porn surfers.

I have had two short stories issued in an online magazine called Running Out Of Ink, which publishes eight short stories a month - all free to download and read. Check it out - it's not fame and fortune, but it is recognition at last!
http://www.runningoutofink.com  One story is in December's issue and one this month.

It being a new year, I had to sign in rather than just log on to my blog, and there's this page of stuff I never see otherwise. Apparently since I started blogging late in 2011 I have posted 190 blogs and have attracted 9273 page views! That's 48.8 per post, if my long division is correct.
And there I was wondering whether to give up due to lack of support.


  1. Impressive blog stats, Liz! :)

  2. Impressive - not sure about 'the bum' aspect. I hate road bumps - they hurt my fragile spine too much. If I traverse them slowly you can imagine how other Spanish & English drivers react.

  3. I would be doing some serious oggling too!
    Happy New Year!

  4. Best not get too close to my backside if you see me on the bike. I now have a new winter jacket which incorporates a red flashing LED. I can be seen from space!

  5. Congratulations on the stories. I'm wondering if that cyclist could easily have got over those humps but just wanted to show you his black heart!

  6. Very clever, Rosalind - that hadn't occurred to me!

  7. Lol, I'm giggling at you googling 'men in cycling shorts'. I sometimes find myself doing the same thing at the gym... ssh!

    Congratulations on the short stories. And don't stop blogging!!

  8. Hmmm, so you were only Googling 'men in cycle shorts' for research purposes? I believe you ...

  9. Congratulations on seeing your short stories in print, Lizy. That's very cool.

    Funny story about the biking shorts with a heart...It must have been hard to resist taking a photo. I would have been so tempted.

  10. Patricia - I couldn't take a photo - I was driving! Otherwise that bum would have been my star exhibit.

  11. Shame my 'research' isn't quite in this direction! Great news on the stats, Liz :)


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