A to Z Challenge APRIL 1st

APRIL 1st 2015

TODAY marks the start of this year's
 A-Z Challenge - a marathon of writing.

This is my third year of blogging every day except Sundays throughout the month, using the letters of the alphabet as a guide.

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MY CONTRIBUTION TO THIS BLOG-FEST is going to he a mixture - a celebration of Tenerife, the island that has been our ADOPTED HOME for fifteen years, and which we are planning to leave once we have sold our APARTMENT.
ALSO I shall post the occasional piece of Flash Fiction., of which this is the first - a story in 200 words.


Alec was a great one for practical jokes - his sense of humour had never developed beyond the schoolboy stage – and when he secured an air-freight job in Singapore the entire world became his playground.
No-one but Alec was amused when he hid dead fish in his colleagues’ cars, put whoopee cushions on conference chairs and sprinkled itching-powder on squash racquets. He poured food colouring into a friend’s jaccuzi, causing panic until they realised it wasn’t blood, but after someone’s wife arrived from England to find her husband’s apartment full of oriental girls, Alec’s victims planned revenge.
On his stag night, following local custom, he booked rooms for his friends in the Singapore Hilton and they hit the town in search of food, girls and booze, not necessarily in that order. Alec eventually passed out.
The following day he opened his eyes to the usual Hilton décor, surprised to find no prostitutes in his bed. He showered, checking his body carefully for new tattoos or paint on his genitals. Nothing. Relieved, he ordered a full English breakfast and told the waiter to open the curtains.
Outside the window was the unmistakeable skyline of New York.

ALMOST an AERIAL view of Tenerife -
this is one of the beautiful sights to be found in the Mercedes Mountains beyond Santa Cruz.
 While in Santa Cruz itself there is also ART and culture. 

This is the AUDITORIO in Santa Cruz - the exterior is reminiscent of Sydney Opera House and the interior is stunning.

We were fortunate enough to be invited by the President Ricardo Melchior to hear a concert there on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth ll’s Diamond Jubilee.
It was a splendid tribute to the Queen of another country, with the added bonus of a tour behind the scenes of this building that Sr Melchior was delighted to have seen completed before he retired..

AND in case you fancy buying your own place in the sun, this is our apartment. You can find more photos on the Apartment for Sale page at the top!

Please leave a comment to reassure me I am not talking to myself!


  1. You are never talking to yourself, Liz!

    Day one...

  2. What a treat, Lizy. A story and a tour of the sights.

    1. And how appropriate that you should be one of the tirst to comment on the letter A, Ann!

  3. I love the flash fiction piece. Perfect story for this first day of April.

    Just chiming in to let you know you're not just talking to yourself.

    Found you through the A to Z blog challenge. Looking forward to reading more about your enchanting life.


  4. Tenerife is a place I would like to visit--simply for your posts about it.

    1. I'll ask the Tourist Board for commission!

  5. Gosh! You're moving. Good luck with that. Are you coming back to the UK?

    1. That's the idea, Ros - maybe I'll manage to publish when I'm back on UK soil?

  6. Love the ending to your flash fiction. Makes me wonder if they managed to post a fake skyline pic. in his window or actually get his drunken self on a plane. My husband has a bit of Alec in him, but we've been so busy today, I think I'm safe. Still a few hours to go though.

    1. This is based on a true story. My OH worked in air freight and with free access to airoplanes he could fly anything - or anyone - practically anywhere.

  7. Love the flash fiction - completely on the side of his friends :-)

    Annalisa at Wake Up, Eat, Write, Sleep

    1. Me too, Annalisa - I hate practical 'jokes'.


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