ZUMO = juice,  ZUMO DE NARANJA – orange juice. 
We had to be up early this morning to get our breakfast out of the way before a Skype conference with the RBL in Spain - the noise of my juicer in the background would have been too much!
 If you saw my P for Poppies Post on April 18th you will know that we are members of the RBL Tenerife Branch. Our two Case Workers needed a training update, and Skype is a much better option than a trip to the Peninsula. It’s also cheap, whereas tickets and accommodation would make a large hole in the branch budget. Isn’t technology wonderful?

And to add ZEST to my day, Jean brought me a whole carrier-bag full of fresh lemons. More Lemon Curd? – (see my recipe page for how to make it.)

ZAP ZONE! A friend asked last night if we had ever eaten at the Atlantido Restaurante in Las Galletas. We had, but it’s gone now. ZAPPED by over-ZEALOUS bureaucracy. Demolished. RaZed to the beach. Another victim of the Spanish law PLAN DE COSTAS that says any building too near the sea must go.
Although the food was good and the view amaZing, it had probably been built illegally. 
The same cannot be said of some of the little cottages that this Draconian law has deemed unnecessary – those were people’s homes, built decades before the tin gods in Spain moved the goal-posts.
Look up "Tenerife village demolished" on Google images and weep.

ZIMMER FRAMES have you noticed you hardly ever see one these days? People go straight from walking sticks to those motoriZed wheelchairs that ZOOM along the pavements as if they own them, ZIPPING in and out of innocent pedestrians and mowing down small children. 
I thought these vehicles were supposed to be speed-restricted? I reckon some of them have been souped up.

ZENITH = above a trailer in an unofficial depot near us is this Z-car - it's been there a good while. Z at the end of its registration number means it’s about 25 years old. The owner must hold it very dear to go to these lengths to deter thieves.


  1. WE DID IT! We "Z"ipped right through the A-Z challenge! I'm so glad to have met you, my new friend!

  2. I had no idea those things were called zimmer frames. We call them walkers, and I still see them around. But those scooters are catching on!

    Happy Z Day!

  3. Skype certainly is wonderful, especially as the grandkids grow so quickly! You're right. Zimmerman frames are very 'yesterday' and so too will the A to Z be! Woohoo! We did it!

  4. Bring back the zimmer frames. Those scooters are lethal.
    Well done on taking us on such a varied journey through A-Z, Lizy, and good luck with the book.

  5. What an interesting set of 'Z's Thank you for entertaining us with your words and congratulations on 'getting there'.

  6. What a fantastic Z post! Zimmer frames? We call them walkers. My mom used one. But I see a lot of motorized scooters and they do zip along dangerously!
    Congrats on finishing and I'm glad we "met"!

  7. "Zest", that's a good Z word! I think Skype is fab, I use it to chat with my 92 year old Grammie Kirkby every week.

  8. You got quite a lot of Zs in there Liz!

    i have managed to cobble something (opened my own Blogger blog) so that I can comment on every one in three blogger blogs, and I THINK yours is one of them, oh, I hope so!

    I would so love to taste an orange or a lemon straight off the tree.

    Congrats on making it here old friend! XXX


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