YO in Spanish means ‘I’, Y means 'and', and YA means ‘right now’. Therefore “Yo y tu ya?” could be a (rather direct) invitation, no?
Probably not, but I do love playing with languages. 

And there's another thing - if the past tense of 'slide' is 'slid', why isn't the past tense of 'glide' 'glid'? It's a puzzle.

YALDING LEES is near Maidstone in Kent, and as I set my novel Helter-Skelter in that area, I found it during my research, because Yalding Lees was, until the 1950s, one of the many traditional stopping places for gypsies.
Yalding itself is a pretty village, and the Lees now a sought-after location – just as it was in the last century for the travelling families who kept the Garden of England supplied with labour until the introduction of mechanised fruit-picking.

Hops equal beer, and England wouldn't be the same without its beer, would it?

YUCCA there is a row of yuccas outside our building’s garage, and when they’re in flower they look lovely. I haven’t YET worked out which part of the plant one can buy in the vegetable shop and use to thicken a stew - perhaps both the fruit and the root?


  1. YES! Only one more day in the A-Z challenge! I think we're going to make it!

  2. Two yuccas were planted by my aunt in the nid Thirties and they took thrity years before producing the stunning spikes of flowers - meanwhile they spiked anyone trying to weed the borders around. Never realised you could eat any part of the yucca, though. Live and learn.

  3. Liz, thanks for the interesting post on "Y". I'd not heard of Yalding Lees, and the yukka flowers sound amazing. I'm looking forward to "Z"!

  4. I can't imagine eating Yucca - you'll have to try it for us, Lizy, and report back! ;-p

    Well, the A-Z is coming to a close, so I wonder what you have up your sleeve for us with the letter 'Z' tomorrow?

  5. Well I learned a few 'Y's' today - good for my scrabble.

  6. Good question about yucca plants. We are surrounded by varieties here in So. CA, where water is precious.

  7. I always thought it was the yucca root used to thicken sauces etc.

  8. I've enjoyed looking through your blog. Hope you had fun with the challenge, congrats on completing it! :)


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