I remember asking my father that. I wish I could also remember the stories he made up for me and my brother, but they are lost in the mists of  TIME. One legacy I do have though - he passed on to me his vivid imagination.

Here he is - my PA x

Perhaps earliest man sat in his cave telling stories and the cave paintings we see are simply illustrations? I wonder if they finished their TALES by saying, “THE END”?

At the start of Part 3 of Helter-Skelter I tell the story of Albie at TRAINING CAMP, learning to drive an Army TRUCK, and of what happens when his old enemy from his schooldays TURNS UP in the same regiment.
 Strange as it may seems, records are reticent about the kinds of shennanigans soldiers in training indulged in, but with some input from the OH about his National Service my imagination has had free rein.


TEIDE is the TALLEST mountain in the Canary Islands and the Spanish Peninsula. It measures 3718 metres which is over two miles. I know at least two people who joined the “Mile High Club” without leaving the ground, though where they found the energy is a mystery, because the air is very thin.
It can also be very cold – I have been up there in the snow – but there are barbecue areas where local people go all year round. 

You can take a cable car to the top when it’s not too windy, and if you get a permit in advance you can climb the final 200 metres to breathe the sulphurous fumes. Mount Teide might be dormant but it’s not dead.

TREES – The jacarandas flowered in our village last week just in TIME for your photographic TREAT of the day.


  1. Remember my dad telling me stories, seems a long time a go now though.

  2. Yes, Bill, it does indeed. Pa has been gone 18 years and I am telling stories to my grandchildren now.

  3. My Dad used to tell us stories, too, Lizy. However, as he often told us about things he got up to as a lad and so on we were never quite sure what was fact and what was fiction and I know our children found the same when we told them stories. A shame we never thought to write any of them down, really.

  4. My father was a story teller who would re-tell stories with embellishment each time.

  5. My father-in-law is wonderful at making up bedtime stories for my kids. They always involve one character getting trapped and needing to shout very loudly for help, repeatedly... he hasn't really figured out the idea behind the calming bedtime story, but the kids and their cousins love it!

  6. My mom is the one with all the great tales. She had an amazing life.

  7. My Dad never told me stories but then again I didn't tell any to my kids. Story telling was left to their Mum & Grandma both of whom were teachers of young children.

    I tell stories to my middle aged kids now whose faces say "boring Dad".

    By the way Teide is well over 2 miles in height - check your arithmetic. Either way it's still very high.


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