– and now that I have your attention, ~I will start off with a taster from my novel Helter-Skelter – a description of the beginning of the STORM in 1935 that changes Albie’s future.

One night, after a blustery day earning a few shillings rolling barrels into the pub, Albie was woken by his window rattling in its frame. He got up to see the trees being blown practically horizontal and waves crashing clear over the promenade to batter the road. A dreadful moaning sound built up and up – he had never heard anything like it. He went downstairs to make sure all was secure, but George had beaten him to it and the kettle was already on the hob. Albie was about to take a cup up to Dot when she appeared in the kitchen, clutching her dressing-gown closed as it afraid the howling wind would snatch it away.
“A body can’t sleep with that racket going on, and I’ll feel safer downstairs.”

Would you go downstairs for a cuppa in these circumstances, or pull the covers over your head and pray?

SEX – we all know that this is one reason a lot of folk come to Tenerife - drinking SANGRIA in the SUN lying on the SAND beside the SEA tends to dull people’s perceptions and SENSE of discretion – but there are many more visitors who come for the SCENERY and the food, both of which are SIMPLY STUNNING.

STRELITZIA REGINAE – I took this photo on my walk yesterday – the SPANISH call it Estrelitsa, but they simply cannot pronounce any word that begins with an S without adding an E first!
We see holiday-makers clutching these flowers at the airport – I have never asked if they are actually allowed to take them on board, but I would imagine there are some airlines (naming no names) who would charge extra.


  1. Thats where I wanted to go for our Honeymoon but my wife decided on Cyprus then wished afer we had gone to Tenerife.

  2. Bird of Paradise is the flower and I would venture to say it's a no no for most security check points as you pass through immigrations. There's always a thing about spreading germs/bugs etc. Hubby and I are contemplating a trip to Spain. There are a couple of Marriott Time Share's there, what would be the best time of year to go, spring or fall?


  3. What a lot of 'SSSSS' - but good. When I first came to Tenerife about30 years ago I don't think it was for sex but I am so old now I have probably forgotten!!!

  4. Sandy - if you're talking about mainland Spain, I wouldn't know when is the best time to go. We live in Tenerife, which is 1000 miles further south off the west coast of Africa. The Canary Islands are a Spanish Protectorate and we speak Spanish here, but the weather is African - hot and dry most of the time.

  5. A cuppa makes anything bearable. But after I make the tea, I probably would head back up to bed, with the tea of course.

  6. Definitely downstairs with the lights on and a soothing cup of chamomile. I love the photos you use in these posts. I'm learning so much about a place I'll never have a chance to visit.


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