INSPIRATION – A few years ago I wrote a short story about two people in their sixties. My characters meet at a fairground, and are mature enough to see past the differences in their backgrounds to fall in love.
Then I began to wonder about the man’s former life, as you do, and started writing Helter-Skelter. The trouble is, I went back to his boyhood, and taking him all the way to sixty would have made the book too long, so after this novel there’s a sequel!

IDEAS It’s odd what triggers a story. The first novel I wrote was inspired by the strange and wonderful rock formations on Tenerife, and the variety of rock colours.

A small book I wrote for my grandsons grew out of a drawing I did of their garden. Yet there are others that pop out of the ether seemingly at random, leaving me to wonder, “Where did that idea come from?”

ITALIAN ICE-CREAMS - I borrowed two children today so their parents could have a quiet couple of hours and I could be Nanny Liz for a while. We walked along the beach and had Italian ices. Mine was yogurt and mango, the six-year-old chose vanilla, and the three-year-old had – yes, you’ve guessed it - chocolate. They wanted to sit on the sea wall and the sun melted the ices quicker than they could eat. Quite a lot of the chocolate ended up on the wall.
When we went to throw a fist-full of wet wipes in the bin an elderly woman smiled indulgently; “The little one enjoyed her chocolate, didn’t she?” We had made her day!


  1. Oh, goodness, that made me shiver looking at all that sun and those bare arms! I want summer!

    Love the drawing, Liz.

    I also want an ice-cream now...

  2. Of course, 3 yr olds want chocolate ice cream!! It makes a statement all over them.

  3. They had a lovely day; the chocolate marks have disappeared and they have just finished eating fillet steak and salad :-) Big thanks xxxx

  4. Love the little ones!
    I wish I had more inspiration and ideas...
    Laura @ The Sweet Simple Things

  5. Oh to be that carefree again! What darlings. ~~Emmly Jane

  6. Ideas are easy enough but sometime getting the inspiration does not come that easy.

  7. It's strange where we get our inspirations from. And cute story haha, this makes me jealous because I just want it to be summer! x

  8. Sweet picture of the girls by the water!! :)I'm a new follower from the A to Z Challenge. Nice to meet you! :)

  9. It's surprising where inspiration comes from sometimes. I love that such an interesting rock inspired you. Another A to Z'er I visited also wrote on inspiration as did I. Great 'i' word. Of course, we couldn't have had more different takes.
    Now I have to go have some chocolate ice cream.
    Jagoda from http://www.conflicttango.com

  10. You should have brought them here. The ice cream wouldn't have melted at all in the UK! I love Italian ice cream!!

  11. What a lovely combination of "I" words (especially the ice cream part).

  12. I made up a character for my F post and I can't forget her now, a very old woman... I might start writing about her childhood now - thanks for the inspiration :). I love that a rock inspired you and your fabulous drawing too


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