I am not often accused of being sweet - I think acerbic describes me better - but a member of my online Writers' Forum gave me a "Sweet Award" -thank you, Sweetpea - so now I must answer a few easy questions:

Cookies or cake?
When I am in England I usually buy a £1 bag of spicy cookies from Sainsbury, so that must be the answer.

Chocolate or Vanilla?
No contest - chocolate almost every time, though a creamy vanilla ice cream takes some beating.

Favourite Sweet Treat?
Lemon cheesecake with crunchy digestive biscuit base - I make a splendid one of those when there are enough people around to help eat it.
But then I also love Carrot Cake with cream cheese topping - I make that too. And flapjack.
And fresh cream cakes.  And Raspberry Pavlova.

Someone stop me, please!

When do you crave sweet things the most?
Unfortunately I am not allowed sweet things so my self-indulgent moments are rare.

If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?
Peppermint rock, because wherever you cut me you would find words.

That was more fun than I expected, Sweetpea, so thank you again - and now I must pass the award on:

My first choice is Baggy - she knows why - and also Dora, because she can only comment on my blog as Anon and I've had to stop anonymous comments.


  1. So what can I say except SWEET! ;-)

  2. How cruel of you to include pictures!! I'm really hungry now :-)

  3. All delicious choices! Is a digestive biscuit like a graham cracker?

  4. I love the sound of all your favourite sweet treats.


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