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There I was with a short story simmering away nicely. Thought a cup of tea and a biscuit would help it along. Sat with same on the terrace, watching cat sunbathing and wondering what it would be like to be able to rest my nose on my back feet. Took a bite of biscuit and - Arrghh!
A crown broke off. It's been in my mouth for 40 years (courtesy of NHS when my son was a baby) but I had no clue it was about to quit. It took the underlying tooth stump with it, and it's right in the front. Not a pretty sight.
First thing this morning we drive to the dentist - they know us well as the OH had major work done recently. They were shut for refurbishments till Monday. Probably spending the thousands we paid for his teeth.
So I'll be writing the story to take my mind off the fact that Sod's Law seems to have been written especially for me.


  1. Ouch! Can you black out the errant tooth in your avatar picture, just so we know? I hope the weekend isn't too painful!

    Lorraine/Bertie Bear

    1. Avatar picture? Have I missed something? doesn't hurt, just aches, but a glass of wine will take my mind off it!

  2. I can completely sympathise! I've had the same problem before and I was so self consious. On the plus side I wasn't as unlucky as a friend of mine who lost hers the day before her wedding!

    Happy writing and hope you get it sorted soon x


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