A bad workman?

Was wondering why my new writing had stalled. I've been busy re-writing, but even so.....Then this morning, on my good-for-the-arthritis walk, it struck me.
For years I've been writing in an A4 notebook, but a while ago I acquired an old ledger - a hundred empty pages of lovely old paper in hard covers. Couldn't waste it, could I? But it's too heavy to carry round so I've been tearing out the pages and putting them in a ring binder, which is lighter but still awkward.
Today's shopping list is headed "Notebook".


  1. Don't get me started on notebooks!

    I have some lovely Moleskine books that I treasure - but are too nice to use.

    Personally I opt for an A5 sized book. Perfect for carrying in a rucksack.

    1. someone gave me a leather folder with two refills a year ago - "You're a writer so you'll use these, won't you?" But, as you say, too good to use. Silly, ain't it? I've an A5 in my handbag for emergencies, but now I've got an A4 again I should be up and running. By the way - your comment was times at 2.40am - 8 hours before mine!

  2. I usually write straight onto the computer but I do have a love for notebooks. I also find writing by hand particularly useful for resparking things if I'm having a dry spot!

  3. It makes sense to make it as easy as possible to write wherever you are.


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