LUNCH in Los Cristianos

Had lunch yesterday with my daughter and a friend at a favourite restaurant of ours in Los Cristianos. It's called El Cine, and it is tucked away just off the seafront. Those in the know will queue for ages, sitting on a wall in a steeply-sloping alley with a drink while they wait to eat at its crowded tables.

It hasn't even got a roof - just canvas blinds - and it's been in the same family for 30 years.
The only meat they serve is chicken, so don't go there unless you like fish. Sardines, cuttlefish, octopus, shark - whatever was caught that day.
We had grilled fresh mackerel - more than we could eat - Canarian potatoes with mojo, tomato and onion salad, two small beers, one bottle of very nice wine and two special coffees. 40 euros including the tip. Beat that!


  1. I bet it was nice to have lunch knowing you didn't have a thousand blogs to catch up with when you got home! It looks like a lovely little place... although I'd be eating the chicken because I don't like fish!

  2. I won't go there then as I don't like fish much!

  3. That sounds like a lovely lunch.

  4. beats my lunch - ham sandwich :(

  5. Well used by many of my friends - they all speak highly of it. A bit busy for me.


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