Well, I've had my month off so now it's back to the novels. The A-Z challenge gave my mind a break from thinking about plots, and I can return to my books refreshed. At least, I hope so.
I have one character to make more of a hero - he's a bit wimpish at the moment and we can't have that. Also the book itself was the first one I wrote years ago and, after reading lots of advice, I can see other glaring errors that need fixing.
Another book needs tightening up after which an agent has said she will look at it again, which is more positive a response than I have had for a long time.
So if whether you started following my blog in April or earlier, please keep looking in but don't expect a post every day!


  1. Sometimes revising can be a lot of fun, when you know what needs fixing. Good luck!

  2. OK Liz! Understood. Enjoy the revisions & writing.

  3. I've reached the end of the A to Z with exactly the same aims... but I'm finding it hard going getting back into the flow.


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