FLOODS & FISH - A-Z Challenge 2015

We've had a FEW spots of rain over the past week but not nearly enough to cause FLOODS like we have had in the past.

They seem to happen when there is a particularly FULL MOON which pulls the tides high, and when this is combined with strong winds the sea throws huge waves over the inadequate sea defences.

When I went to shop in Las Galletas one morning the sea was actually roaring as I parked my car, and the waves must have rached six or seven metres in height.

Another time we couldn’t reach Las Galletas at all – rain on Mount Teide raced downhill and competely washed away the road behind the garage ...

... then flooded the rough ground before pouring across the coast road and the beach and out to sea in a brown waterfall.

This young man lost his shoes and I watched as he hopped from one rough stepping-stone rock to another to get back home  ...
... but this woman was determined to do her shopping. A small crowd watched her, and once she'd got safely through everyone removed their own FLIP-FLOPS and FOLLOWED her example!

It doesn't pay to ignore the power of water, though, and a FLASH FLOOD in the adjoining town took these vehicles by surprise.
The mother and baby in the white car were lucky that a bystander braved the torrent to rescue them.

FISH live in water, so here's a little FISHY POEM I wrote when my son was a boy.


John won a goldfish one day at the fair –
brought him home and christened him Biggs.                
the goldfish was free,
 but John’s Mum had to buy
him a bowl, and some gravel and things.

Biggs lived in John’s bedroom, but he didn’t like
the noise, and the smell of old socks,
so they dug him a pond,
 and used the spare soil
for a rockery with some big rocks.

In his pond Biggs began to feel lonely,
so Mum had to buy him some friends,
and fish-food and pond-weed –
 this free fish had started
expenditure that never ends!

That's all for today FOLKS!
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  1. SURPRISE!!! FOUND a way. My laptop, it's something to do with Google settings which can't be changed on the other computer, but if I come in here and squint at the small air book screen it's possible. We also have flood problems in our village, from the overflowing reservoir at the head of the village, which is filled by one of the rivers that surround us. In the 60s and again the 90s people's cars were taken and lots of homes ruined. Hopefully they've sorted it now. Same thing with us about goldfish! Poor things often don't survive from fairs as they have been put in fresh, chlorinated water instead of that from the tank from which they have been taken, and then shoved in oxygen less water in a bag. One of ours died. Love the Biggs poem!

    1. Hooray! You'll be able to have a comment-fest now you know how!
      MyOH#s daughter was flooded out of her home in Folkestone one year because their house had been built over a strea. Water above the kitchen worktops along an entire street of terraced houses.
      I know what you mean about the goldfish - luckily John got home in five minutes with his after he'd won it.

  2. my community has to deal with flooding too. We are on the coast. It is sad to see local businesses having to bale out- but there of loads of folks turn out to help.
    Love how the shopper turned into a leader
    zannie rose A-Z

    1. I talked her out of taking the risky route across the channel the flood had cut through the beach - the pavement was safer.

  3. Storms are serious business anywhere, but I think you win the award. Hurricanes are another matter, tho.

    1. Thank the gods I have never had to live through one of those!

  4. I like the pictures in this post!

  5. Flooding is very scary. Water can be so powerful. I'm not sure I'd have followed that lady's lead though!

    1. The water only covered her ankles and there was a railing. I'd have gone but the OH chickened out!

  6. That looks devastating! One would better watch out for yourselves there, and guard your houses and protect them, especially your basements after a flood like that. With these floodings increasing in rapid succession; it's best that we prepare our homes for any possible damages they may cause.

    Rolando Glover @ Eco Pure Restoration


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