The moon and strong winds have brought huge waves to Tenerife.
This was Las Galletas when I got there this morning - I had to go the long way round, and when I saw the seafront road it was obvious why it was closed. The sea had taken a great bite out of the beach and used it to pebble-dash the road, including a few cars that had been left in the danger-zone!

There were workmen sweeping beach off the promenade, too, though I suspect the next tide will undo all their good work 
- the young man in the red shirt seems to think they're wasting their time!

A sea that can throw head-sized rocks isn't going to be fazed by a pile of gritty sand.

And this was the sea at Los Cristianos.

We heard yesterday that a woman had been swept off a wall by a wave. Terrible news, but there will always be people who risk their lives to watch the power of Nature up close.
Anyone want to buy my apartment?  :D

Actually this isn't a joke - our apartment is on the market .
We live in Parque de la Reina, which is a quiet residential village with its own access to the motorway 5 minutes to the airport, 10 minutes to Los Cristianos, and if you click on the link at the top of this page you can take a virtual tour.


  1. It's powerful - foolhardy to think otherwise.

  2. Yet people do - another bather drowned today. Don't they know what a red flag means?

  3. Incredible what nature can do, isn't it? There was a girl drowned in Brighton earlier in the year when her and her friends thought it would be funny to go for a paddle in the sea - this was in the middle of the night, when we were experiencing severely high winds. It's a waste of a life but such actions also put the lives of the police helicopter crew and lifeboat crew in danger too!

    1. We had that very conversation in a coffee bar this morning - three deaths so far this week here, all avoidable if people had acted sensibly.


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