Many people celebrated D-Day with solemnity and taste, which is right and proper - after all, far too many of England's youth didn't live to see the end of the war 70 years ago.
The Royal British Legion helped the injured then, and are still helping them and their dependents now, including the only branch in the Canary Islands - our branch - which is in Tenerife.
We are suitably solemn at our Remembrance Day service, which is attended by over 350 people annually, but today we partied at Our Place Bar, Costa del Silencio.

We had entertainers, all of whom gave their services free on their traditional day off. Singers and comedians -

Andy's Chubby Brown was very funny (and very rude, but we were warned in advance!)

and there was a barbecue - don't they say, "Never trust a thin cook"?

and a raffle, complete with obligatory fondue set, run by the lovely Diane -

and of course, as this is Tenerife, there was Bingo, which was won by Lol - the lady who single-handedly raised almost 2000 euros last year by persuading the customers at her till that they didn't actually need their change.

This is Kelly, our Poppy Appeal Organiser - not one to hide his light under a bushel!
As soon as the Remembrance Day Service is over he grows that beard to magnificent proportions and plays Papa Noel to local orphanages.

The final score for today has yet to come in, but we reckon we raised about 500 for branch funds.
Not bad for a membership of less than 20.


  1. This year's commemorations were more poignant than normal - many of the veterans will no longer be travelling to the services in Normandy. Well done on the fund raising effort.


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