Cute, isn't he? That depends on your point of view.
The couple living in the apartment above ours have a Yorkshire terrier. There’s nothing wrong with that in itself, but they go out to work and leave it on their balcony for hours. It yaps at every single thing that moves, including us on our terrace below, our cat, and anyone who comes up the path to the complex, although he does seem to understand “Shut up!” or "Callate!" and I can always resort to the hose if it carries on. 
Another problem is the drain hole from their balcony which, owing to one of several design faults by the - obviously male - architect, decants any liquid onto our terrace right in front of our doors. This includes water dripping from their washing, on one occasion half a bucket of water when she swilled the whole thing down, but also dog pee when, as often happens, they go away and leave the poor animal to the tender mercies of her mother who only visits twice a day to feed it.
We have complained to the community more than once, and now stand accused of running a vendetta.
The tenants are a strange couple who regularly have protracted fights that involves one of them sobbing at length – they seem to take it in turns to do that. We have also been treated to their strange selection of music, and the occasional siesta-time tryst during which they both climax noisily. You can’t hide anything in a community where the doors and windows stay open to grab any breeze that’s going.
I thought I was hearing one of these trysts a few weeks ago as the girl was howling rhythmically, but when it went on for fifteen minutes I decided even a hot-blooded Spaniard couldn’t have that much stamina. 
This has become a regular occurrence and over the past few weeks I have finally worked out what it is - she is teaching her dog to howl.


  1. Can you record them and play it back when they have guests round?

  2. In normal circumstances that might be a good idea, Patsy, but they make so much noise that they'd never hear it! any more than the owners of the Bassett hound that is howling as I write. :(

  3. This would actually kill me. My next door neighbour has 3 dogs, a westie cross and two jack russells, and she lets them out in the garden one at a time so they don't get all excited and start barking together. Very thoughtful.

    Have you tried writing her a note to explain how distressing it is for you? Say you are an author and the constant yapping is causing you writers' block and you must sue for damages if it continues? Ditto damages for the washing ruined by her yorkie's wee? Presumably she is leaving it on the balcony so it doesn't ruin her stuff in her house?

  4. They sound like lovely neighbours :-/

    We had neighbour who used to howl along with their dog. All three of them, and the dog. Not fun. It too used to yap when alone - most often on a Saturday night when I had to get up early for work on Sunday.

    It seems cruel to have a dog when it's at home alone for so much of the time.

  5. They really shouldn't be allowed a dog if they're going to go off and leave it alone. That's why they're called 'companion' animals. They sound a real pain :(


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