This alien-looking creature, along with at least one of its friends, is chomping its merry way through a huge creeper on my daughter's roof terrace.
They come every year and save my son-in-law the trouble of pruning, because by the time they've finished eating and buried themselves to pupate, there is nothing left but bare branches.

And woe betide you if you disturb one of them - they hiss and spit most alarmingly.

When they emerge from their pupae they will be  Deaths Head Moths, which impressed the children at our barbecue immensely.

So did the cakes - my speciality Flapjack and the Lemony Rice Pudding Cake with Lemon Curd that I made especially for my gluten-intolerant son-in-law.

The occasion was special too - four generations of my son-in-law's family on one sofa - from right to left - his Dad, himself, his son and his grandsons.

My daughter is far too young to be a grandmother, of course, even a "step" one, but she loves it, so I shall have to resign myself to being a step-great-grandmother! 



  1. Hey, Liz, that is some caterpillar! I love the thought of them hissing and spitting, I never heard of a caterpillar doing that. Great picture.

  2. What a lovely family gathering but I don't fancy coming face to 'face' with one of those caterpillar thingies!

  3. Those caterpillars are amazing and a little bit frightening. Embrace the step-great-grandmother-ness... you can really spoil the kids when you have that title!!!!

  4. That looks a handy caterpillar to have a round but boy is it ugly

  5. Scary caterpillar!

    Lovely photos as usual. And you can see the family likeleness too.

    Enjoy your great-grandmother status :-)

  6. Great family photos Liz & what nasty caterpillars.


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