I HOPE my choice of an icon doesn't indicate that my novel is fated to sink without trace!

WALTER – Wally is a playground bully whom Albie defeats in a scrap when he is much smaller than Wally, and then beats him again in a more adult fight on the pier. 
Wally is not a good loser, and when they end up in the same regiment, the Germans are not the only enemy Albie must be WARY of. Walter is after revenge.

WAR – As you must have gathered by now, the third part of Helter-Skelter sees our hero Albie going off to WAR, together with his best friend Bert. WW2 has been WRITTEN about thousands of times, but I WISH there was more information about those first few months before the invasion of Denmark and Norway. I found enough detail eventually to WEAVE into my story, but it was a WEARY search.

This is a stock photo - I wish I looked this young!

WATER WE are an island. 785 square kilometres of volcanic rock surrounded by the Altantic Ocean, which contains untold millions of litres of salt water. Yet the only fresh WATER  we have is condensed from the clouds by the Canarian pines in the forest on Mount Teide, and from melted snow. It is stored in natural underground chambers, some of which can be visited with a guide, but others contain toxic fumes that only a few years ago killed six hikers who thought they'd take an unauthorised look past the fence.

These islands are unforgiving the the unwary.

But we can still buy an eight litre bottle of pure drinking water for a euro.

WELCOME I must extend a heart welcome to the 20 new people who have joined my ‘followers’ this month, and hope you will continue to visit me when the excitement – or ennui –of the A-Z Challenge has worn off.

If I don't visit you all in return eventually it will not be from lack of interest, I assure you. It will be because either you haven't got a blog or a website, of you have chosen not to let me know what it is.


  1. Thank you Liz for continuing to write in an interesting style.

  2. Hi, Liz,
    I'm sorry I've only come across your blog today. Your mention of an island makes me interested to scroll down and see more about where you live.

    Nice to 'meet' you.

    J.L. Campbell writes Jamaican Kid Lit

  3. Oh wow, there are toxic fumes in the water storage? What are the fumes? Very interesting.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  4. Good Luck with the novel, Liz. It sounds a good read and that it's been interesting to research. You live in a wonderful place, thanks for sharing it on the blog. Have a good weekend.


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