FRANCE Trying to find the names of small villages and hamlets on a map of France when I was writing Helter-Skelter was confusing, especially as the soldiers who wrote the DIARIES I referred to two days ago often spelled the French and Belgian names phonetically. Even Google couldn’t help every time, but I persevered. By using various different accounts I was able to plot Albie’s route as he and his fellow soldiers guarded the rear of the retreating British, often only a hedge or a field away from being captured or killed.   I apologise for these blue bits -shouldn't have tried to post when I feeling woozy with vertigo, and definitely shouldn't have tried to move a map. have you notiecd how Google seem to have made a botch job of combining two maps? Denmark didn't slide under the Netherlands last time I looked, and Coventry wasn't on the north coast of Kent! GET IT RIGHT GOOGLE!
It was in France that Albie received premonitions of danger, warnings that waved him and those who belivved in his gypsy luck and stuck by him.as they trecked mostly on foot up the Belgian French border to the small boats of Dunkirk

FISHING BOATS were among the small craft that rescued the stranded army, which is a very weak link to this photo that I couldn’t resist sharing. In Las Galletas stands a recycling area surrounded by a wall on which an artist has created these FISH from squashed bottles. Aren’t they FABULOUS?


  1. Those photos are lovely - it took a moment to see the shape of the bottle, very clever!

  2. Those fish are a wonderful example of how trash can convert to treasure, Lizy.

  3. I'll say France is confusing.

    Once I stayed in a small village in France. It wasn't through choice, my car had broken down.

    It wasn't much fun, hence I've never desired to return there.

    See you at 'G'


  4. The seahorse and squid are my favourites!

  5. Another interesting & original posting. Please keep them flowing Liz.

  6. So you all liked the fish but didn't read about France? Should I just post photos?

  7. Good job persevering with those tricky names!

    The mosaics are very fun.

  8. I'll be interested to see how the story evolves and like the war time element.

    Pauleen @ http://troppont.wordpress.com
    A to Z 2013

  9. Sorry to read that you've got vertigo. That's horrid and Google map certainly doesn't help but at least it's better than the map on my iPad. That knows nothing.

    Can't believe those fish are made from bottles.wow!
    Get better soon. Is it all this A to Z blogging? It's giving me sore eyes!

  10. Vertigo is just awful. I hope you are feeling better. I had a concussion a few years ago and was dizzy for 2 years.
    I'm not so much a fan of France but politics aside when I think about war times and what those poor people went through...
    I have a friend in Florida, an artist that does beautiful work with broken glass and tiles.
    These fish are beautiful!

  11. Very interesting art work. Have to drink a lot of wine to get the glass. Hahaha

  12. These are friggin fantastic!!

    See what I did there? :0)


    Valerie Nunez and the Flying Platypi

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