It's here!
It's unavoidable.
We went to buy plant-pot dishes to go underneath the two ficus that survived being ripped out by the incompetent gardeners the community employed, and we were surrounded by polar bears.
So we bought a poinsettia to display on our terrace table. I shall have to get out the rope lights as well now, to show we're joining in the spirit of Christmas.

When we got home there were three Christmas cards in the letter-box. 'Oh bother!' I cried. Once again I've been caught with my pants down - I haven't sent even one card yet.

Bah! Humbug!


  1. Those polar bears are gorgeous. I love it when a Christmas display is done properly - some places look really half-hearted.

  2. Our streets have started to come alive with houses decorated from roof to ground with lights. Goodness knows what their electricity bill is like!


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