The headline says it all - CHO VITO FALLS.

I blogged about this Tenerife hamlet a few days ago, when nine residents of Cho Vito - an area of Candelaria in Tenerife - were still holding out against the might of the Spanish authorities, some of them on hunger strike.

They were evicted yesterday by Guardia Civil and their homes demolished. The hunger strikers are in hospital. The residents claim that the Guardia "acted like a brutal gang of gorillas."

Now, instead of a fishing village, we can have another beach.

The residents have been offered money - enough to pay two years' rent on an apartment. They say they will camp on the steps of the Town Hall until they are offered the equal of what they had - their own freehold homes in Candelaria.

Further words fail me.

You can look it up online - www.diariodeavisos.es


  1. How awful! Those poor people. Money doesn't compensate losing a home.

  2. What a situation? Difficult to feel other than total sadness for those evicted. What financial compensation (or re-housing), if any, I wonder.

  3. Why does everyone have to fall in line with those who wield power? I guess the poor evicted CAN camp outside--that's one of the benefits of a warm climate. They wouldn't dream of doing it here in England at the moment with our frosty nights.


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