A quick post from England just to prove I'm still alive!
Simply to be woken up that first morning by a grandson saying, "Can I come in with you, Nanny Liz?" was worth the trip.
Yesterday I walked up to the village in the rain - a rare treat after the drought in Tenerife - and stopped in a very English tea-shop to wait out a downpour. You enter this shop through a florist and step carefully over floral arrangements to enter the cafe half of the two-woman business. You can choose where to sit from a variety of odd tables and chairs, or sit in the overgrown garden when the weather is nice. There are huge home-made sponge cakes under glass domes, and the slices they serve are enormous. Last time I was there I had a sandwich with smoked mackerel pate, made by the fishmonger next door, and it came in fresh granary bread from the baker next to him.
I have picked out a couple of houses for sale - all I need is a lottery win!


  1. Ah England, it's a truly unique and wonderful place... I'm glad you're enjoying yourself, even in the rain!

  2. I could almost force myself away from my computer and make scones. It may yet happen! Glad you are enjoying the trip.

  3. How lovely! Thanks for checking in!

  4. sounds heavenly, a slice of life from the days before supermarkets. Nice to see it surviving in some areas.


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