This is Kika.
She is at least thirteen years old - she turned up on our terrace one night in 2000 with four kittens.
The OH, who professes to hate cats, approves of her because she was a very good mother, and because her eyes are pale blue like his.
They also shine red at night. No comment.
Because of her colouring and markings, and because her eyes reflect red rather than white or yellow like other cats, our vetinary friend says she has a lot of Burmese in her genes.

Wherever she came from, she is spoiled rotten, and now she's an old lady she spends even more of her time sleeping, except when something happens. Like today, when one whole trunk of a palm tree fell onto our footpath.
She got so excited about this that she had to do her somersault act, which involves putting the crown of her head on the ground and throwing the rest of her body backwards.

She used to be able to do this in the middle of the path, which she demonstrated every time we came home. This was quite spectacular and caused endless amusement to our neighbours, but now she needs the help of a wall.

Step one - head on the ground and flop sideways.
Step two - push off from the wall with all four legs and roll onto your back.
Step three - land on the other side and then sit up and try to look smug and dignified at the same time.

Should I enter her for the Feline Olympics?


  1. What an interesting feline story & and unusual key character.

  2. She's a lovely old girl, that's for sure. Can she compete in kitty gymnastics with all those youngsters, though? It's worth a try. She may show them all a thing or two.

  3. Well,Patricia - if you look at the railing in the background of my photo of Paul and Don, try to imagine her coming through there at full speed. She still does that although we hear the occasional clang when she misses, and we suspect this habit explains her missing tooth. Even so, lets hear it for the oldies! Yay!

  4. My cat is about the same age, but still acts like a kitten sometimes. His favourite trick is lying flat on a step, halfway up the stairs, in the hope he'll cause you to fall. If he doesn't manage it the first time, he'll scoot down a couple of steps to try again... cats are evil. But yours looks gorgeous!

  5. You're right, Annalisa - cats ARE evil.Kika is gorgeous but don't let looks deceive you. We son't have stairs but she winds through the OH#s legs while he's walking. Also she knows she's not allowed on a chair that isn't covered against hair so she waits till we've gone out, jumping off as soon as she hears the car in the garage.

  6. oh she is adorable. I want a cat but I live in a flat and can't have one here. :(


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