Were you among the superstitious who stayed in bed all day today? Or do you subscribe to the view that superstition is silly?

Either way, it is difficult to avoid knowing when Friday 13th comes round, because someone is bound to mention it.

Like the OH did this morning when we were told the cam-belt needed changing - an expensive job that we can ill afford after paying our property tax a week ago.

A cam-belt should apparently be changed every 75,000 kilometers or 4 years, whichever comes first, or dire and terminal things happen to your car's insides.

Our little Hyundai Atos has 110,000 on the clock and is 9 years old. I asked the garage about a squeak and a low thrum-thrum sound and they said they need to look inside.

On the other hand, it did pass the ITV today - that's the Spanish equivalent of the MOT, so maybe we were lucky.

So we awarded it its brand new ITV sticker and then booked it in for Thursday. Fingers crossed.

To put things into perspective, one of my good friends has been allowed out of hospital for the weekend. She's just heard she has a tumour on her liver, she's bright yellow, and next week they're going to go in and grab a bit so they can decide what chemo to give her.

What's a dodgy car compared with that?


  1. Something of a mixed Friday. The 13th seemes apprporiate. Hope Saturday's better.

  2. Everything is relative, right? Good thing Friday 13 only comes around every so often!

  3. I completely forgot it was Friday 13th, but I had my own share of troubles over the last few days so it's not surprising. I hope things go as well as possible for your friend, Liz and good luck with the car also.

  4. Cheers Nel. My friend was sounding positive today - says her mum lived to be 90 and she has every intention of doing the same if only to annoy her kids! Hope your troubles are over?

  5. wouldn't say over. but improving, for now at least :)


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