Well - I did it - I took a video and downloaded it onto my blog - but I can't make it move when I go into preview. Never mind - this is the same view of Las Galletas I photographed in the sea-mist in April, but this time we have clear skies, a high tide and a strong wind - result - waves crashing on the rocks.
My OH went fishing here once with a friend - two elderly gentlemen perched precariously on rough rocks with a rod each - and a waves just like this one soaked them to the skin. They climbed down laughing to dry off in the sun outside the nearby cafe with a beer - and no, they didn't catch anything.


  1. The video works perfect. Makes me miss the ocean -- I used to live in South Florida on the Atlantic side and would walk the beaches on weekends. I haven't been back there since 1998.

  2. I mean, the video works perfectly. :D

  3. Thanks Patricia - I did wonder if my failure was only because I posted it. Now I know how to do it I may post more.
    Whenever my mother visited (she's given up flying now she's 87) she didn't mind where we had our morning coffee as long as it was within sight of the sea.

  4. The video works fine, if a little short ! The waves sound like a train on a track... or maybe it's the wind.

    I love the sea too and feel claustrophobic when I'm away from it. Could live quite happily in a tent on the beach (providing I could get wifi of course )

  5. A video blog - well I never!

  6. I must try one of these! Well done.


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