I was reading in a magazine the other day about a girl who had a favourite poem tattooed on her stomach in case the forgot it.
In the photograph the poem was the right way up and the right way round. So what does she do if she forgets it?
If she tucks her chin in and heaves her bosom out of the way I suppose she might just be able to read it upside-down. Or perhaps she's an expert at mirror-reading. What happens if she puts on weight or develops wrinkles?
Maybe she's had it done solely for the benefit of others - a poetic philanthropist. If you see her walking around, presumably in her bikini, can you stop her and read it, or does she zoom past like those annoying people who wear tee-shirts with complicated messages?
One of the requisites of being a writer of fiction is the ability to think "What if?" but at times that ability can be a curse!

And for those of you who are following the growth of a cactus flower, here is today's photo. The bud is a centimetre longer than yesterday - about the length of my thumb now.
We haven't much longer to wait.


  1. I have the same thought about people who have a tattoo on their wrist - which way up should it be?

  2. Why do people want tattoos anyway? They look awful especially on as people age.

  3. What was the poem? Any suggestions?

  4. What a strange thing to do. Far better to commit it to heart or speak it into your mobile phone, or even write it on a piece of paper... would have been cheaper too.


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