I have always taken photographs - mostly of family - and I still stick them in an album. Sitting down with an album and leafing through the pages is so much more satisfying than trying to find the right file on a memory stick.This one must have been taken on better quality film than the next - and it's a rare picture of me as the "hippy mum" I was in 1974. Flared khaki jeans, grey denim jacket, long hair and bare feet. And of course a quiver-full of children!

Four years later we unexpectedly had one more, and it is only now that I have decided to scan every one of my old photos and make each of my children a memory-stick copy of the lot.

Sadly, I have left it too late to rescue some of my photos, as this one proves. If you're thinking of following my example, do it now!


  1. You haven't changed a bit! XXX

  2. I love old photos and these are very special. I especially like the three kids in the barrel.

  3. I had a pool exactly like that one when I was a kid lol


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