I have a choice to make this weekend.
I could be a grumpy old woman and scowl every time my neighbour blows that damn vuvuzuela. I could swear each time a banger echoes round the block, and when you live as I do on the inside of a three-sided rectangle of apartments with a pool in the middle, the noise is horrendous. I could walk past the local bars with my head averted from the sight of red and yellow flags being displayed everywhere, and avoid going out so I don't have to witness the general drunkenness that is bound to happen.
On the other hand, even though I am not a football fan, I could simply join in the fun....if you can't beat 'em .....
The Spanish certainly know how to enjoy themselves, and although a fair amount of alcohol will be consumed - all right, a LOT of alcohol - the locals tend to be friendly in their cups. Aggressive drunks are much more likely to be Brits, unfortunately.
So should I go out and buy a Spanish tee-shirt? Quite a few Italians live in Tenerife and the rivalry will be intense. The green, white and red will be flying from two corners of our block, both apartments owned by friends of mine, so whoever wins there will be celebrations. 
Now there's a thought! Perhaps I should buy a bottle of Cava, stick it in the fridge until the game is over, then crash one of the winning parties!


  1. I definitely think crashing the winning party is the best idea - but first enjoy the football, it should be a great game whoever wins!

  2. I think Annalisa has the right approach. Enjoy!!


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