My gorgeous grandson is at Cub Camp this weekend at Ardingly Showground, West Sussex, and it looks as if the weather is dry - at least today. Let's hope that miracle lasts all weekend because the camp is for the whole county and there are 1000 cubs there.  Can you imagine all those young voices raised in song around the campfire? It should be a blast whatever the weather.
Mind you, that sleeping bag looks warm enough to keep out an Arctic blizzard!

In honour of this momentous occasion, I have posted a poem about Camping which draws on various camping memories from my children's childhoods.  Go to my poems page to read it.


  1. Gosh that photo takes me back about 65 years.

  2. I love camping. Can't imagine doing it with 1000 other people though!

  3. That takes me back to when Debs and I went to WS80 (West Sussex 1980) at the Ardingly Showground; meeting with guides and scouts from all over the world. We shared our area with some Dutch scouts - and later went to Holland to visit them. There was also one scout from Sri Lanka who had been sent by his company after everyone chipped in for him to come.


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