Last night

Apricot clouds silhouetted the small local mountain last night. The horizon was turquoise over the sea eight kilometers away. An hour later the sky was blue-black - night falls rapidly here.
The quarter moon lay on its back like a saucer without a cup, one bright star high on its left and another low down to its right. I must learn their names.
Someone was having a party - I think Barcelona won - and children were playing in the street, but outside the bar it was cold enough to need a fleece. The volcano might not have its usual February snow-cap but the wind blows bitter at night.
On my terrace one lone cicada signaled its solitary state. It's been doing that for weeks but there's no reply - has it mistaken the lack of rain for spring?


  1. Liz, those two bright stars close to the crescent moon were Venus which was lower and brighter and Jupiter higher up. Lovely sight! We had too much cloud last night but on Saturday it was clear so we got a really good view.

  2. Thanks Rob - we get a different star set-up down here so it's good to know you have the same view. By the way, do you know your comment to me was timed at 05.21am? Either you're psychic or your blog clock is off!

  3. It would, of course, have looked somewhat different from where you are but basically you'd see something similar. this is how it looked from here on Saturday:
    A very good prog if you want to check what you're looking at in the night sky is Stellarium which you can download for free and set for your own location.


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