THE DARE - a 100 word story


It was the latest craze, dreamed up when winter came early and ruined the final beach party. Instead of sand-buggy races, the local bloods challenged each other to dare-devil stunts in the multi-storey car-park.

Everyone said Den was mad to take the dare, but despite Trudi’s pleading he wouldn’t back out – losing face was a fate worse than death.
“I’m the spin-turn champion,” he boasted as he gunned the engine and sped towards the edge, but he hadn’t reckoned on the sudden rain.

Bits of his car spread over an entire block. They found Den’s hand still clutching the handbrake..
Another late entry - we moved into our new flat last week and it's been hectic!  


MARVIN'S MARVELS - a 100 word story


Marvin scanned the crowd weaving through the fairground and took the money for his Chair-o-Planes automatically, filling all the chairs except one – that was for his special passenger.

Suddenly there she was – only ten but already crippled by disease. Her father lifted her into the chair and held her face between his hands to kiss her tenderly.
Ignoring the man’s tear-streaked face, Marvin started the ride, and together they watched as it sped up to a blur.

When it stopped the girl had vanished.
“She will be whole again,” Marvin promised, but the father sobbed, “I know, but will she be loved?”
Thanks as always to Rochelle, who has 'retired' to be a full-time author but still manages to prompt the Friday Fictioneers each week to write 100 words inspired by a photograph. 
https://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/  is her blog where you will find the link to other stories.


IMMIGRANT - a 100 word story

The Boss had driven away and the shelves hummed as the assembled devices watched the big screen, waiting for Mac to blink into life. Finally he spoke.
“Fellow workers – Management has betrayed us again by importing foreign goods!”
Laptops flashed angry kaleidoscopes and some of the smaller tablets peeped in distress. Mac hushed them with an impatient growl and continued.
“These inferior devices should never have been allowed to enter the country. They are sure to carry viruses which will contaminate our network.”
He indicated the desk where a small mouse trembled. “And to add insult to injury, they’re coloured!”

Thanks again to https://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/ for the above photo which prompted my odd little story-with-a-moral this week.
For those who have been following my recent news, we have found a flat and will be moving into it in two weeks. All being well. DV. Fingers crossed!