Today's letter in the A-Z Challenge is
and we start off with some photographs of the MERCEDES MOUNTIANS

which form the northern ridge of Tenerife.

A trip up there - if you're brave enough to drive on the extremely winding and narrow roads - takes you a world away from the tourist centres on the coast, and proves that Tenerife is not all dry rocks and sand.

This is me contemplating a hike along the side of a valley to catch a view of the sea.

I got as far along this precipitous path as I could in the time available -

 my OH doesn't do walking so he was waiting at the only restaurant in the tiny hamlet of

Another M subject close to my heart is 

Everyone has to eat, and the fresher the food is the better, so although we use MERCADONA  for essentials such as MILK and water, we like to use the local markets for other food.

One Mercado de Agricultura has recently opened a ten-minute walk from us, where we have bought meat, fish, vegetables and fruit, goat and sheep cheese, wine and cakes. 

Our friend MASSIMILIANO - the man I am teaching to speak English - has a stall selling Italian produce, including freshly-made pasta.

Anyone hungry?


  1. Good times! I love hiking. And we have some really good mercados around where I live.

    Stephen Tremp
    A to Z Cohost
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