I wasn’t going to enter the A-Z Challenge this year and did so at the last minute. My experience was like the Curate’s Egg – quite good in parts - there were definitely times when I wished I hadn’t succumbed! I am in the middle of a major rewrite of a novel, and having to put that aside every day to compose a blog slowed the work down considerably, but I try to finish what I’ve started, so I made it through to the end.

Last year I was relatively new to blogging and the thought of hundreds of other blogs to peruse drew me in. I found many interesting ones, some of which I still follow, and collected some more followers of my own.
The same happened this year - the number of comments on my own blog doubled and there were some kind remarks about my excerpts from my book. Real comments I welcomed, but not those that just said “Hi – come on over to my blog" - not very subtle!

Speaking of comments, here are a few of my own.

Firstly I must say I don’t know how the organisers manage to stay sane. Approaching 2000 entrants to read and sift and weed through – they must have spent all day every day at their screens. I only managed to visit between six and ten blogs per day.

I was particularly interested in blogs by my fellow forum members, Liz Brownlee’s drawings and poems are always a delight, and there were a couple of serials I followed. I also did my own lucky dip by scrolling down the list and clicking indiscriminately. I found some great blogs that way, including some lovely artistic and photographic ones, and tried to comment every time although sometimes it was difficult to see how. I hope the list stays open long enough to dip into at greater leisure.

But many blogs were still far too long – if I have to scroll down the page for ages I stop reading. Others were in very small and/or faint fonts – I gave up quickly on those as well, which was a shame because they might have been interesting. Am I the only person on-line with poor eyesight?

So in conclusion, as we used to write in school essays – well done to Arlee Bird and the other bosses, and to my fellow bloggers, and of course to me for getting there!


  1. Always enjoy reading your words & observations Liz.

  2. Well - thank you for mentioning me Liz! i always enjoy your blogs too, and your sense of humour. XXX

  3. Congratulations on reaching the end of the Challenge, Liz. I'm sorry I didn't start my blog until the "A-Z" was near an end, and I missed such a lot. But, there's always next year and like you I've made new friends along the way. Good Luck with the novel. Have a good weekend.

  4. I'm so glad you did A to Z this year! I enjoyed your posts. Congratulations on finishing, and best wishes for your rewrite!

  5. Loose interest if you have to scroll down the page, maybe you should miss some of mine.

  6. Good luck getting back to that novel. Glad you took time for the A-Z.


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