TWTYTW (That was the year that was)

This was Mount Teide at the beginning of this year - beautiful isn't it? There's only a sprinkling of snow but enough to top up the aquifers and ensure our water supply for the year.
This was how it looked in July when deliberately-started forest fires raged for days, killing livestock, destroying homes and livelihoods and trees. Unforgivable and incomprehensible.

On a more personal note, the OH and I made several trips off the island - the first one was last year when we actually travelled together to spend  Christmas and new Year with our families - between us we have seven children and seven grandchildren.
We had visitors here too - friends and family - and I flew to Canada to see where my youngest has settled with his Canadian wife. Fall in Canada was one photo opportunity after another.

My hopes for 2013 include a publishing deal (!) and to find a way to return to live in the UK.
For my family and friends, and for those kind souls who follow my blog, I hope your dreams come true, and I wish you contentment, good health and love.


  1. Here's to your wishes coming true in 2013, Liz!


  2. I hope you find a way to come back home - it seems to be your dearest wish. Happy 2013!

  3. Wishing all your dreams come true, Lizy


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