I've been asleep for an hour, cosily snuggled under sheet and blanket, and then BAM! I'm awake.
I have learned there is no point in tossing and turning or punching the pillow. My brain has slipped into over-drive and I must ride out the storm.
First thing is to make a cup of tea. This may sound strange - caffeine and all that - but it works for me. Then I tackle a cryptic crossword - preferably the Telegraph Toughie - until my eyelids droop.

But sometimes it is the creative urge that won't let me sleep.
Last night I lay in the dark for half an hour with a story going round in my head. It was a fantastic story, a sure-fire prize-winner, so good that I was afraid to wake up properly and break the thread.
Eventually I reached for the light switch and my glasses, grabbed my notebook and pen and wrote with frantic speed to grab my dream story before it faded.

 This morning I read what I had written - here it comes - dah-daahh!
Write a 300 word story in 350 words, then cut off the last 50 so that MC's confession at the end is chopped off. This will add tension.

Yeah - right - glad I woke up to write that.


  1. What it is to be creative? When will we read the story?

  2. I've woken up with what I've thought was a great idea and scribbled it down - none so far have been worth the effort.

  3. That's so funny. I've scribbled things down in the night too. I try not to wake Mr A so I do it with the light off and in the morning the page is a mass of swirls.

  4. I know what you mean about midnight inspiration, the best thing to do is write it down and clear the head.

    As Saul Bellow said:
    "You never have to change anything you got up in the middle of the night to write."

  5. It's no good trying to wait and write it down in the morning though, it's too annoying when you can't remember the fabulous idea!

  6. Same with me, I have just turned the light out, got comfy and BAM! Brilliant piece of dialogue for a scene pops in there. Light goes on, I frantically scribble it all down, turn off the light and off we go again. After the thrid or fourth time, I usually tell my characters to shut up and leave me alone.


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