It might as well be Spring!

We've had three days of rain over the past week in Tenerife and now look at it!
Seeds that have lain dormant for eighteen months are bursting into instant life everywhere.
I don't know what they are - the millions of pepper seeds that litter the ground under these trees haven't yet joined the rush to germinate - but the air is washed and fragrant with the perfume of pepper trees, and flowers are everywhere.
These white ones are pepper flowers.

The estrelizia is looking great,
roses and hibiscus and frangipani scent the air,

 and on the pepper trees this morning I saw a huge butterfly.

As the song says - "It might as well be Spring!"


  1. It does indeed look very springlike.

  2. Lovely photos...in my part of the world, we're getting to the end of the flower season. We've had a lovely fall, though, so my pansies are still going strong. This weekend, however, they'll be peeking through a few inches of snow.

  3. How wonderful what a bit of rain can do. Your photos are lovely.

  4. Wow. Great pictures.

  5. Great to see things bursting back into life after struggling against the drought for so long.


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