QUILTS but not for sleeping

Until I came to visit family in Canada I had no idea there existed a quilt sub-culture, but I have been to two quilt exhibitions in two days. The ladies - and a few men - of Ingersoll, Ontario, have produced some truly astounding pieces, several hundred of which were displayed in the Ingersoll District Memorial Centre and the Creative Arts Centre. When I get myself and my camera organised I shall post some pictures, but for now you will have to use your imaginations
I have seen quilts ranging in size from cushion covers to hangings that would keep out the draughts in a castle. They come in designs traditional and modern, exotic, pretty or whimsical, and if you wanted to buy one of the few that are for sale you should be prepared to pay up to $1500 Canadian. I suppose for a year or more's work that's a fair price, but you can't sleep under them - thousands of tiny pieces of fabric might not stay together in a washing machine!


  1. My parents have seen these quilt exhibitions on their travels and they are beautiful - I've seen the photos.

  2. We have a really splendid one that a group of quilters made for Margaret when we left Swansea. For some time we had it on our bedroom wall but where we have lived for the past eight years it simply wouldn't fit. So it has been tucked away all this time.

    But we are all set to move and the quilt will be perfect in our new home in Leominster!

  3. Quilting has a big community here in Colorado too. I've been to a couple of the shows and am in awe of the talented women who design and meticulously stitch all those pieces together (even if by machine). It's something I've never tried to do...I stick to my easy crochet projects.

  4. I have a friend who used to do quilting. She had to give it up when arthritis attacked her fingers but her work was beautiful. She used them to throw over the top of the bed for day time, not to sleep under.

  5. There are some fantastic quilts made, and they do become heirlooms in families.
    Wish I had the skill and patience for it.

    There's a super sweet blogging award waiting for you to collect, when you have some spare moments.

  6. As a quilter, I understand the obsession I feel about these exhibits. Something happens when people view a quilt, with all its shapes and colors.

    It is good to see your name again. I have been on-the-run this summer/fall.


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