The OH was driving today, so I had a chance to take in the scenery.
Pretty girls in the lightest clothes they could find to combat the heat. Nut-brown dessicated women who obviously spend all their time lying in the sun, and pale flabby ones - those rolls of blubber must be so uncomfortable - who probably spend all their time eating.
Handsome youths displaying their muscles, older men displaying their beer bellies, both types seemingly equally proud of their bodies.
Children everywhere - school doesn't start for another three weeks. It should have been two, but the authorities have added another week for "teacher training" - you'd think they could have squeezed that into the two and a half months they've already had off.

Out beyond the shops and a couple of banana plantations, we were driving past a barranco when I saw a pigeon keeping pace a few metres away from our car.
"What speed are we doing?" I asked the OH.
50 kph! 
Then the pigeon overtook us!


  1. Hi Lizy, I just came across your blog by following your comment on Rosalind Adam's blog. I'm also living an expat life, in Malaysia. We used to go on holiday to Tenerife!

  2. That's one fast pigeon. What's a barranco?

  3. A barranco is a ravine - the valley between two lava flows. Tenerife is totally volcanic and barrancos are usually steep-sided and rocky, covered in cactus and wild marjoram bushes, and often unscaleable without special equipment.

  4. Aah, thanks. Sounds like a great place, your lucky.

  5. Nice one Liz!

    Now where I grew up in the Midlands they used to race pigeons. Some months ago a couple of friends visited Buenavista on the Tenerife West Coast only to come across the finish of a huge pigeon race that had started somewhere (I forget exactly where) on the African Mainland and finished in B. Lots of pigeons, lots of proud owners, lots of pigeon talk and lots of prizes & rosettes. Now I bet that surprised you. Perhaps that pigeon was doing some high speed training.

  6. Your scenery sounds wonderful. And people watching is always good. I note you didn't describe yourself or make a comparison. You hovered above like a pigeon.

  7. I'm jealous of the heat you described!


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