POOH BEAR and a Poem

My daughter came to stay for a holiday and, knowing she would be missing her cats, I put a soft Pooh Bear toy on her pillow. She loved him and cuddled him every night. 
On Friday she went home, and half an hour after I left her at the airport I got a plaintive little text – “I forgot Pooh!” I offered to return to the airport with him. “No time – but make sure he gets lots of love.”
So he is being fostered by Betty and Squidgy Ted until I can take him to England in September. Anyone who thinks one can be too old for toys, take note - Betty is 68.
On my LITTLE POEMS FOR TOYS page I have posted a poem about another left-behind bear - Daniel's Blue Ted.


  1. Hope Betty and Squidy Ted are looking after him properly - Tenerife is a very long way from Hundred Acre Wood.

  2. Ah you're never too big for soft toys.
    I have a cuddly bunny on my bed.

  3. 68 - do tell us more.
    Actually a few bears live in both our Devon Home & Los Cristianos Home. Both sets hibernate when we are away from either home.

  4. Betty looks like a very beloved doll.

  5. Rob - and there are no streams for Pooh-sticks either, but he'll survive.

    Shirley - has the bunny a name or is he/she just "Bunny"?

    Maurice - Betty was given to me by my Australian godmother when I was born, so she's as old as I am, and

    Annalisa - yes, Betty is very well loved. Her face was damaged by my daughters, whose other dolls were plastic, and I've had to repaint her eyes, but she still comforts me when I need a cuddle.


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