Our small writers' circle has become a square!
When I joined the writers' circle it was only six people, and one of those was away travelling. Then she came back and another one disappeared. One more joined and hogged the meeting. The member who had brought him had a quiet word which he obviously took badly because we never saw him again.
Then another member returned to England for major surgery, and though we are in touch with her by email, it looks as if she might not come back, and another long-standing member has gone to her homeland for the summer - her husband doesn't like the heat here.
The social life on Tenerife is like this - it is common for people to spend a few months or years here and then vanish. It can be disconcerting or exciting, depending on your outlook, but it makes folk reluctant to invest too much in friendships, knowing they may not last.
Anyway, now we are down to five. One writes books on how to deal with various chronic health conditions with diet and life-style changes, one is writing a diary of her travels in India, another has written a log of his lone Atlantic crossing and is now experimenting with short stories, I write novels, and another writes poems for children. She is off on her travels soon, which will reduce our circle to a square. We may have to advertise!


  1. I like squares! In fact, I'm envious you've got any shape of group. I have no one :-(

  2. Could be worse - if any more leave, it could become a writers' triangle! ;-p

  3. Me again - just wanted to say I've left an award on my blog for you!

  4. I haven't plucked up the courage to join a Writers' Circle yet, though I would really like the opportunity to make some new friends and get feedback from people other than those who know me well. May have to wait til we've moved house now.

  5. It's disconcerting to lose people around you. Being an ex-pat myself, I know. I must admit to not investing myself with those around me, preferring to maintain contact with friends in cyberspace. One of the joys of my life was when one of my writing friends visited me in England from America. And my best friend and writing partner lives in Germany. We are soon to meet.
    I'd like to nominate you for the Kreative Blogger award. It'll be on my blog later, when I finish compiling.


  6. First time read of your blog - it's delightful. I've been participant in a couple critique groups; the one I'm in now has five - all novelists and short story writers.

  7. If I didn't have your blogs to read on most days I would feel deprived.
    My 'Award to you' is: You make my life, and no doubt others, richer for reading your words Liz.


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