No, not that kind of quickie!

This was how our cactus looked on May 13th when we first noticed it was in bud.
I planned to take a photo every day to watch its progress, but it's  been slower than usual this year so these photos are several days apart.

I don't know what happened to the bud on the left. Maybe the community handyman knocked it off. Possibly a cat is to blame, in which case I hope it spent the rest of the day getting the spikes out of its paw! The bud itself may have given up the ghost. We shall never know.

But then, lo and behold, another bud appeared on another head.
This was on a cloudy day, believe it or not - we have had more of those than usual this year, and at the end of May we expect wall to wall sunshine.

                                                                                                                    This morning we finally have some movement! I was hoping they would all come out at once, which would be spectacular, but it seems we shall get them one at a time.
Not everyone will be enthralled by the growth of a cactus flower, so if I'm boring you, may I direct you to some of my other posts that are not entirely on one subject? Thank you for bearing with me.


  1. ...I was wondering how it would look!
    Thanks for the latest update, please post more, as and when!

  2. A cactus blog! Well I never!! Nice pictures. Cactus are pretty to observe but absolutely horrid if (when treking) one stumbles against them.

  3. Cactus flowers are like a tiny miracle. I'm stunnded every time I see such beauty emerging from an unpreposessing stub.


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