VIVA L’AMOUR!  Written for a WM competition – came first!
The brief was to write an eight-line poem using foreign phrases that are in common use in the English language.

The prima donna and l’enfant terrible
Are the cause célèbre chez nous;
N’est-ce-pas comme il faut to use Mater’s boudoir
For their verboten rendezvous -
She caught them flagrante delicto
But alas!- it was fait accompli -
With great savoir faire the diva looked up –
“Mea culpa,” she said, “C’est la vie!”


 CREATIVE ACROSTIC - written for a competition - it didn't win!

Clay thrown by a potter can be anything -
Rare Ming vase or mixing bowl for cooks.
Every stunning view inspires a painting -
All those memories a thousand books.
Take a hank of wool and knit a jumper -
In your home re-tile a bathroom shower -
Varied are the ways to be creative
Even if you only arrange flowers.



I want a Porsche for Christmas - fast and red and loud
With white leather upholstery and quadraphonic sound.

I don’t want a hand-made jumper, too short with sleeves too long –
I don’t want woolly bed-socks or the latest Christmas song.

You can forget the dreadful scent, soap-on-a-rope, and pants –
I’ve still got last year’s slippers and scarves from aged aunts.

I want a Porsche for Christmas – a long, sleek-bodied car
That looks a million dollars parked outside the bar.

I’ve cupboards full of saucepans, a copper jelly mould,
And an insulated plastic box to keep the picnics cold.

I don’t need another cookery book, and I never wear beige tights,
The black lace baby-doll nightie makes me itch at night.

Then there’s quilted cotton oven-gloves, or a Pyrex bowl for punch,
Trivial Pursuit and books of jokes for after Christmas lunch –

A pale pink nylon house-coat - a wash-proof make-up bag,
And a set of Carmen rollers – it’s all an awful drag.

I’ve got a five-door hatch-back, bought with my mind on cash –
But I want a Porsche this Christmas – big – expensive – flash!

If you really want to please me,
My only Christmas wish
Is a status-symbol,
Beautifully gift-wrapped PORSCHE!



  1. I like it, very funny. The kind of poetry I like.

  2. Like it - back to the old days and 'want' lists.

  3. This is wonderful. Well done...and now I want a red Porsche for Christmas too.


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