The Plumber - a 100-word story

I'm back after a lovely fortnight in England visiting family. We stayed with my brother in the country - log fires and wine every evening - and helped my mother to celebrate her 90th birthday with a posh pub lunch of pheasant pie.
The OH popped down to Folkestone and saw most of his family there, while I spent time with my children and grandsons - and saw, via the modern miracle of a scan, one of my two grandchildren who are due early next year.
I also had to buy a new laptop, which my elder grandson helped me to get started on, and today my brother-in-law installed Word for me - isn't my family wonderful?
So here I am, at last, able to return to my blog with a 100 word story inspired by a photo prompt - which portrays accurately the weather we encountered in England. Thanks to Rochelle for posting the prompt on her blog -


Sandra was checking Pauline’s shopping through the till when her hands froze in mid-swipe. “Is that Vanessa?” she hissed.
Pauline looked down the shop at the well-dressed woman. “It can’t be.” But it was.
“Hello, girls!” Vanessa chirped and emptied her basket – steak, gourmet salad, wine.
“Supper for two?” Pauline ventured. “Stephen’s back then?”

“Stephen?” Vanessa shrugged dismissively and tossed her newly-blonde hair. “He was a dried-up husk and I’m well rid of him. Being with Paul is like spring after a cold winter.”
She winked at the other women. “Paul’s a plumber – he’s unfrozen my pipes beautifully.”
Please leave a comment so that I know I haven't lost all my readers by my month's absence! And my apologies for the gap at the top which I can't seem to get rid of :(


  1. Dear Liz,

    It's good to see you back. I've enjoyed your family pictures on Facebook.

    Sounds like Paul's thawed out more than her...um...pipes. Fun read. I could picture these ladies.



  2. Shocking! Pipes, indeed! Glad you're back.

  3. Thanks for the welcome, Rochelle and Liz. It's good to be back - I was missing my writing routine!

  4. Less is definitely more in this story, Liz. Great characters.

  5. Thanks to blogitorloseit and Ann for visiting and commenting.

  6. No innuendo in that one! Nice job.

  7. Hi #Perry! Innuendo? Moi? Perish the thought!

  8. Glad you had a good holiday. Nice to see you back, Liz. Great story to start the week off. Thank you.

  9. Thanks Nicola - it's nice to know I was missed!

  10. It's lovely to have you back and I loved your cheeky story.

  11. Hi Maggie - thanks for staying with me and for enjoying my story.

  12. Good to with a holiday with family.. I enjoyed that punch line.. I would guess that the other women's mouths were agape after that one..


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