One of my friends said the other day, "You can never have too many poinsettias."
So I have taken that as permission to post the best of my poinsettia collection as a pictorial Christmas card.

This one I photographed on my walk this morning - it was lovely to see the actual flowers which are normally so insignificant.

The next few I found in a local garden centre where I bought this year's plant.

Then there are those adorning balconies all over Tenerife . . .

. . .  an entire hedge of the pompom variety between a banana plantation and the road . . .

. . . and a less showy variety in a garden near us.

This last picture is a close-up of our poinsettia from 2012 which came back to life and put on a brave show earlier this year, then turned up its toes (roots?) last month. We assume this was a deliberate built-in obsolescence - a ploy to make us buy another one.



  1. Happy Christmas, Lizzy.

    Lovely pictures. I particularly like the one you describe as 'less showy'.

  2. I was back in Spain last week - poinsettia crazy in my old town, in that they plant them for christmas then don't bother watering them!

    I like the ones that have escaped to grow magnificently tall by the side of the road.

    Nice post, Lizy.

    Happy Christmas (and Three Kings)

  3. Wow, that all looks very festive! Merry Christmas!

  4. I'm always surprised when I see them growing naturally! Happy Christmas and let's drink to a healthy and happy new year :-)


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