Out for my walk on the back road today
My mind was a blank - I had nothing to say –
The editing’s done but there’s no time to play –
Find an agent!
Immediately every excuse raised its head –
The print in the Yearbook is too small to read –
And for over-strained eyes too much screen-glare is bad –
Where’s the agent?
Procrastination’s the curse of our craft
And reading those guidelines is too much hard graft –
But to hope they’ll come looking is simply plain daft –
Get an agent!
Two books I have written are ready to go
But the Christmas deliveries are bound to be slow –
Dear Santa – along with the gifts and ‘Ho-ho!’
Send an agent!


  1. Well, with a fantastic poem like that, I don't see how Santa can refuse... though if the agent's been tied up in his sack for too long, they might not be feeling very benevolent!

  2. Somewhere in England, there's an agent sighing over the desk littered with so much that doesn't suit; it's all okay, but just not quite what he or she is looking for. And there in the sunny south is Liz, with two books that are just the thing; so dear Santa, please bring the two together and make them click!

  3. Helen and Lorraine - with you on my side, how can I miss?

  4. Wow...big pat on the back for finishing! The rest will come in time.

  5. Love the poem. Love the sentiment. But that cartoon body is horrific. I may have nightmares tonight!

  6. I hope your Christmas wish comes true, but just think of the sooty mess on your carpet when Santa throws an agent down the chinmey!

  7. Ros - I copied the cartoon from a Friday fiction entry - it is a bit nasty but that's how I feel sometimes!
    Annalisa - Hoovers are much easier to find than an agent!


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