Una calima mas!
No sooner has one dust cloud lifted – or rather, dropped its load onto my car, my terrace and every surface in the apartment – than another drifts in on the prevailing summer wind from Africa.

These calimas often used to be followed by rain, which freshened the air and washed the trees – we have even hastened to park the car outside in it – but this no longer happens. 
We’ve had nothing more than a few pathetic showers in the last two years – we need RAIN!

And yet the wild plants manage to survive. I drive past this fig tree several times a week and I thought it was dead. Today my morning’s walk took me right past it – and it's struggling but alive! 

As is the yellow weed that is taller than me, waving bravely against a sere desert backdrop.

If you know where to look, life is bursting out all over.


  1. Good to see the plant life trying to survive, but I wish you rain soon.

  2. I was thinking what a dull, gloomy day today was, but your post has made me grateful for the rain. Hope you get some soon!

  3. It always amazes me that plants can survive in such harsh conditions. Those figs will be nice and juicy when it does rain.

  4. I shall not complain of Wild Windy Wyoming weather, ever again! But you're right...life does thrive, and is beautiful! Thanks for stopping by! It's good to see you! :)

  5. I wonder how the plants survive. It sounds like a really difficult climate for the humans too and here we are complaining about a few hot days in the UK.

  6. Wish I could send you some of my excess rainwater! I know we Brits love to moan about our weather but we don't have to cope with the climate extremes that affect so many other countries. Hope you get just the right amount of rain soon!


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