In the interests of research I wanted to know the size of a delivery van large enough to move the contents of a small cottage. I asked the OH and he said a ten-tonner, so I Googled "Ten ton truck".

The first items that came up began, "There is a light that never goes out." Strange, I thought, that's not what I was after, but I read it anyway.
Apparently there is a song by that name and in the lyrics my research item is mentioned.
 I have removed the direct quote because I understand it infringes copyright! There's nothing to stop you looking it up for yourself, and I assure you it mentions a ten ton truck!
It was sung by The Smiths, which in a weird way was appropriate because my book's working title is "The Smith Girls" !

I tried Googling images of "ten ton van" next, and among the pictures of all kinds of vehicles was this face. Why? I thought, so I clicked on it.
He was Ton van Heugten, the Dutch 1981 Side-car-cross World Champion. A nice face but not what I needed.

And besides, the OH was wrong - a ten tonner is too big. My chap in the 1950s drove a smaller vehicle, so I've gone for a four ton van.
Research can lead you in odd directions, can't it?


  1. Hi Lizy, we moved the contents of two cottages in a truck that size - and a barn full of man essentials, and gardening tools... In the 50s people had fewer possessions anyway, so smaller would do. Yes, you can get sidetracked down all sorts of untravelled paths in the course of research: fun, isn't it? Now - back to work with you!

  2. So many subjects in such a small, but perfectly formed, truck!

  3. Don't know what kind of family you're writing about but my memories of family moves in days gone by involves my uncle who was a coal man and his horse and cart, with old sheets due to coal dust! Am I dating myself terribly?!


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