This is the fruit and veg we bought for the weekend, all locally grown. Potatoes, batata yema huevo, oranges, lemons, mangas - I have yet to discover the difference between mangoes and mangas - and bananas.
That's real bananas off a banana tree, still warm from the sun and possibly with a few insects adhering to the sticky bit at the join. Delicious.
So why would anyone buy these that I saw later, lurking in the freezer of our village supermarket? Frozen peeled bananas in Tenerife?
Please! Do me a favour!

My morning walk was particularly fragrant today - after yesterday's severe gusts of wind there were so many peppercorns littering the pavement that I couldn't help but walk on them.

Imagine inhaling the scent of crushed fresh peppercorns at every step.
And then to top it all the yucca was in flower, reminding me that on my next visit to the Venezualan greengrocer I must buy some yucca - nothing thickens a stew better.

What veg and fruit did you buy for the weekend?


  1. Strawberries, blueberries and peaches. Oh, bananas for Dad.

    Funny thing is (or isn't), when I've been to your neck of the woods, the bananas weren't that great. We assumed the best were exported and not sold to locals.

  2. Frozen bananas!? They already come with their own packaging.

    Veg shopping: Asparagus, peas, new potatoes, parsley, blueberries, raspberries, nectarines. Grew our own blackberries. Yum.

  3. Apparently, mangas are female; smaller and sweeter than the male mangos :-) xx

  4. Lizy, we had a banana tree down south; we nursed it through the winters by wrapping it in straw and fleece, and it was wonderful in the rain when it dripped exuberantly, but it never flowered. Yet the ones they had in Killigrew Park in Falmouth when I was young flowered, and occasionally fruited. Maybe it was the -15C that stalled things in the Vienne. AS for what we buy - nothing too exotic in Brittany, though we are famous for artichokes. Lorraine

  5. Our list of veg is oh so different. I've seen Yucca in a garden but I've never eaten it. Our garden is producing more fine beans, runner beans and mange tout than we can possibly eat right now so I'm not buying any veg this month.

  6. Hi Lizy,
    Very interesting post about the veg things LOL
    the last pic the tapioca reminded of my childhood days in our native land in Kerala India, that is one of our staple food in Kerala. It variety preparation is delicious with fish curry or meat curry. :-)
    Thanks for sharing this note and the eye capturing pics
    Best Regards


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