This is a barraquito.
I don't know if they make it anywhere else in the world - it might be a Canarian speciality - but if you come to Tenerife you must try one. My stepson and his girlfriend spent one happy holiday searching for the best one.
The most experienced restauranteurs present it still in layers which, after admiring briefly, you stir together and then drink. It is wonderful after dinner - sweet and strong and alcoholic - and full of caffeine which I have been advised to avoid.

But because I cannot enjoy one of these during my shopping trips, I now frequent a little place in Las Galletas called Cafela, where the green tea is the best I have tasted. A bonus is the view in the pedestrianised street behind the tiny cafe - this is an elderly couple's way of creating a garden outside their two-room apartment.

What a shame that someone can't renovate this little gem of a ruin that sits abandoned a few yards away.
If I had the money - and could track down probably a couple of dozen absentee heirs - I'd do it myself. It's fifty yards from the sea, ditto from the shops - what more could you want?

And, returning like an addict to the caffeine theme, this shop opened its doors just beside the car park this week.
"Chocolat!" I gasped, probably aloud, but it was not so - the damn place is yet another shoe shop.


  1. Haha I love that the shoe shop is called 'chocolat' - what a disappointment to a chocolate lover like me! And I must try that drink!

  2. Yes Amy, you must. It's nectar when made properly. Actually, it's quite good when they mix the layers before you get it too!

  3. That drink is a real work of art - seems a shame to spoil the artistry. As for Chocolat being a shoe shop a local town has two shops called Bakers. One is actually a butcher and the other a jeweller so very confusing for visitors one imagines.

  4. The drink looks fantastic. I would have to ask for a decaf version, if possible. I wouldn't be able to handle the caffeine late in the day...or the alcohol early in the day :-)


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